Reconnect with the core essence of SUP Yoga

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Reconnect with the core essence of SUP Yoga

How many times during the past months in lockdown were you yearning for your SUP Yoga practice? And how good does it feel that we are finally able to be back on board?

For some of us, this time in lockdown was a great opportunity to focus on our land Yoga practice and reconnect with the Yoga principles of the Yamas (social restraints) and Nyamas (self-disciplines). Maybe you even used the lockdown to redefine your personal “reason whys” of your SUP Yoga teaching and practice! 

We all know how deeply SUP Yoga practice is grounded in Yoga and it’s moral and ethical codes. Especially the practice of Ahimsa, which is ‘do more harm’, represents the core essence of SUP Yoga.

More than ever we have the opportunity to teach our students a deeper understanding of these ancient yogic principles through SUP Yoga. It is a way to promote the genuinity of Yoga in SUP Yoga!

Ahimsa teaches us to respect the environment where we practice SUP Yoga and allows us to connect to the calming effects of the ocean to reconnect with our bodies. It is all about cultivating the sensation of peace within ourselves and the world around us.

As SUP Yogis, we have a responsibility to take care of our oceans and our ecosystems and to actively teach the practice of Ahimsa to make a global impact. 

Let’s show the world that  SUP Yoga is more than just practising Yoga on a floating surface. It is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our relationship with the environment. SUP Yoga is taking traditional Yoga practice to another level!

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