Safety Standards

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The International SUP Yoga Academy inc. Safety Standards provide guidance for ISYA members in regards to mitigating risk in daily operations and emergency response.

The ISYA Safety Standards clearly establishes:

  • Standard Operating Procedures to direct the activities of SUP Yoga Instructors
  • Instructions for achieving the requirements of these ISYA Safety Standards
  • The methods of maintaining quality performance whilst providing for safe operations
  • COVID19 Safety management 

ISYA policies, procedures, code of practice, code of ethics and educational standards provide additional guidance for operations, and should be referred to in addition to this safety standards document.

The ISYA safety standards gives detailed information on the following:

  • 1. Incidents- (support operations, Resuscitation/Drowning, Environmental hazards,lightening, hail, shark sighting, tsunami warning, watercraft, vessel or aircraft crash, pollution, incident debrief, emergency contact list)
  • 2. Aquatic environment risk analysis- Venue analysis/risk assessment
  • 3. Appropriate training- Instructor minimum qualifications/requirements
  • 4. Anchoring systems
  • 5. Student to Instructor ratio
  • 6. Cut off points for SUP Yoga activities 
  • 7. Use of paddle in SUP Yoga 
  • 8. Special groups or individuals
  • 9. Use of props in SUP yoga
  • 10. Binds in SUP Yoga practice
  • 11. Adjustments in SUP Yoga practice 
  • 12. SUP yoga training centre/SUP Yoga school minimum safety requirements
  • 13. Health and safety
  • 14. Manual handling 
  • 15. Equipment and maintenance
  • 16. Environmental protection
  • 17. Personal buoyancy device
  • 18. Weather
  • 19. Communication
  • 20. Emergency action plan
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