ISYA Committee

The ISYA standards were devised by a committee of dedicated experts in Stand Up Paddle boarding, yoga and water safety as well as educators in training and assessing.

All committee members recognized the need for international regulation in SUP Yoga teacher trainings and practices, these have been developed collectively, setting the benchmarks for SUP Yoga safety, education and training.

The ISYA expert panel committee is open to having new members. To join, address an email to the ISYA committee expressing your interest. The committee will review and take into consideration applications and respond accordingly.

ISYA Board/Expert Panel

Chantal Crinquand

ISYA Director

Yoga teacher, SUP Yoga teacher and SUP instructor, she is never too far away from the ocean. A registered mental health professional and university academic, Chantal has extensive experience in designing and evaluating educational programs. As president of a Western Australian Yoga Club, Chantal draws on her organisational experience as founder and director of the ISYA. Chantal is a SUP Yoga educator and trainer with many years of developing and facilitating workshops. With formal qualifications as a trainer and educator, she contributes her skills to the development of ISYA educational resources.

Remi Bachere

ISYA Treasurer

Entrepreneur and French jewellery business owner, he applies his financial knowledge and experience to the ISYA in the role of treasurer. Passionate about the ocean, he grew up in the popular surfing hot spot Hossegor where surfing is the way of life. Remi is an avid surfer and Stand Up Paddler.

Jolie Manza

Expert Panel Committee- YOGA

The Founder of YogaKoh, an International yoga school, and teacher of over 15 years, 2020 will be Jolie’s 8th year leading Yoga Teacher Trainings globally. She has graduated hundreds of students and can truly say she is happiest guiding people into new discoveries of their mind and body.

Peter Nelson

Expert Panel committee- Water safety/ Public safety

Australian Surf Life Saver with 45 years’ experience on the beach. President of Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club, Western Australia. Open Water Ocean Swim competitor event organiser and water safety risk assessor. Water safety and rescue trainer.

Cristiana Chessa

expert panel committee- Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP athlete and race competitor, flat water, marathon, technical racing and distance downwinding. Australian SUP Titles winner and Marathon Champion. Australian Ocean Racing Series, SUP Female winner since 2015. The Doctor Race from 2015 and going. SUP Female winner in 2017 and 2018 King of the Cut from 2013 and going. SUP School owner and head coach since 2016. SUP instructor trainer, SLSA Surf Rescue, RLSS START (School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training and Resuscitation)

Kellie Battilana

Expert panel committee- Training and assessing

Training and assessing lecturer, with many years lecturing in fitness and training and assessing certifications. First aid and life guard trainer. Kellie advises the ISYA on her specialist skillset areas.

Rou Chater

Expert Panel Committee- Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarder, SUP magazine editor and publisher. SUP enthusiast with many years in the SUP industry. Rou is a professional watersports and action sports photographer. He advises the ISYA on all SUP related matters.

ISYA Advisory Committee

Enrico Tambellini

ISYA Advisory committee

Enrico is a former semi-professional Triathlete, Firefighter and Rescue Paramedic. Whilst in the services he specialised in all forms of Water Rescue and Lifesaving techniques. He has over 30 years of teaching and training experience in a diverse range of areas within the Emergency Medical and Rescue Services to teaching Yoga and Sup Yoga. Whilst doing research for a PhD, his belief that Yoga was a "go to" therapy for those suffering from PTSD was confirmed, which led him to combine his love of the water and it's Healing Powers with Sup Yoga. He is passionate about Mental Health and Mindfulness adding such techniques into his classes. He has completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and is registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK.

Hayley lawrence

ISYA Advisory committee

Passionate Yogi, Sup Yogi and Aerial Yogi Hayley Lawrence is the founder and director of radiant being. Radiant Being are a wellness company based Albany, Western Australia since 2008. Hayley (BSc. Hons Psychology, ProfCertEdPosEd) is an educator and trainer with many years of developing and facilitating workshops and retreat programs. With formal qualifications in Positive Psychology, she contributes in the community, in schools, and in corporate workplaces. Hayley has a true love for nature and the great outdoors. Her goal is to continue to improve levels of wellbeing and the ability to flourish alongside 21st Century Living for as many people as possible.

Alexandra Hampton

ISYA Advisory committee

Alexandra is a 200hr RYT, a 100hr certified Barre instructor, and holds two SUP Yoga certifications. Alexandra has 5 seasons of experience teaching SUP Yoga and Paddle Board Barre and is the founder of SEAVĀSANĀ® (, a SUP Yoga provider located in Portsmouth, NH. She is also the co-owner of Portsmouth Paddle Co., a SUP retail and water services company, and has been a paddle boarding instructor and guide for 7 seasons. Due to her own experiences, she is highly committed to student safety and is honored and excited to now be an Advisory Board Member of the ISYA to contribute to a shared mission. As a Swedish-American citizen, Alexandra has always seen herself as part of a global community, and she is eager to connect with SUP Yoga instructors and students around the world as a member of the organization!

ISYA Ambassadors

Lalah De Dios


Lalah de Dios is the founder and director of Aquanimous Yoga, Philippines. She started her yoga journey in 2008 while on a surfing trip and got immediately hooked. She immersed herself in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition and Vipassana Meditation. She became a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher in 2010 and a Certified SUP Yoga Teacher in 2015. Her yoga journey has taught her that yoga, such as life, is not about attainment; rather it is an unending process of self-love, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-transformation.

Fabiana ISYA Ambassador Argentina

Fabiana Maquieira

ISYA Ambassador Argentina

My name is Fabiana, I am from San Isidro Argentina. I am a Yoga teachers400+ hours, Pranayama teacher, SUP Yoga instructor and ISA SUP Flat water instructor. My school offers classes and trainings/certifications with the highest safety standards and training content. this is updated internationally. Keeping myself trained is of upmost importance to me in order to grow, seeking excellence in each class/workshop /training I deliver.

SUP Yoga Germany

Anja Von Behr

ISYA Ambassador Germany

Anja von Behr, Vinyasa Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, Paddle board instructor and SUP yoga teacher. She is granny of 2, practicing Yoga since 20 years and is the living proof that yoga and water can „mummify“. She gives SUP yoga and Yoga classes in Berlin and is running retreats where she combines Standuppaddling classes with indoor- and SUP yoga. She offers Balance Workshops for finding inner and outer balance for employees, e.g. for the Berlin police department. Currently she organizes SUP yoga retreats with lake tours in the german Alps, in the baltic sea and Mexico. Anja loves to build up new trends and wants to make SUP yoga more popular in Germany.

Bryan and Nancyennie

ISYA Ambassadors new caledonia

Bryan and Nancy are SUP Yogis living on the island of new Caledonia. Bryan is passionate about fitness and board sports and a certified SUP Yogi. Nancyennie is a professional masseuse, and It was during a trip to Peru that she decided to do her Yoga teacher training in Vinyasa flow and Raja yoga. Over the years she has specialised her Yoga teachings to include pre/post natal Yoga and SUP Yoga. Both Bryan and Nancy run a SUP Yoga school on their island, a first of its kind for new Caledonia and in such an ideal tropical location.

Kristine Garlan-Hando

ISYA Ambassador Guernsey

"Kristine was born in the Philippines and grew up in Guernsey, Channel Islands, where she has been teaching SUP Yoga since 2014 as well as pre/post natal, children’s/teens. With formal complementary Health Therapy qualifications in remedial reflexology, holistic body massage, aromatherapy, and counselling studies. Kristine is Reiki attuned, and enjoys the benefits of Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation. During winter she teaches pool SUP Yoga and monthly SUP Yoga Nidra aligned with full moon energies. In summer Kristine loves taking practice onto the ocean against the gorgeous backdrop of Guernsey.


ISYA Ambassador Taiwan

Summer grew up on a small island in Taiwan. Now an ocean lover, but wasn’t an outdoor girl before. Summer started teaching SUP Yoga and yoga from 2014. When practicing SUP for the the first time, she couldn’t express how much she loved it! Summer decided to combine SUP and yoga to create something wonderful for her members. She then became certified in SUP Yoga. Watching her members enjoy the journey of finding balance was important to Summer, and also it is another way for her to experience her beautiful country.


ISYA Ambassador BalI

Restuning Sandini, the founder of Blueflo, is an Indonesian woman living in Bali, Indonesia. She has grown up with eastern spirituality and is an experienced yoga teacher trainer registered by Yoga Alliance and have tremendous passion to the ocean. She is the first Indonesian female PADI Course Director and has build up her reputation in the diving industry in many years. She is PADI Freediving instructor Emergency First Responder Instructor Trainer on top of being Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer, E-RYT 500, YACEP. She currently runs retreats across Bali incorporating yoga and water element, including surfing and SUP yoga.

SUP Yoga Ambassador Chili

Elizabeth Tabilo

ISYA Ambassador Chili

I started this inner journey of yoga , 13 years ago in the city of Buenos Aires. Since that time, I have been teaching yoga, but also remain an eternal yoga student. Four years ago, I followed the path of becoming a Sup yoga teacher, learning and practicing since this time. As I always say “what you really think, you create it” this motto gives me energy and focus. This lead me to found my Sup Tobayoga Center in Chile, where I teach and learn from this wonderful discipline of life. I have always been a passionate water woman. My first connection with water was when I was a little girl, then when I was a teenager I started diving (CMAS). From then, from the deepth of the ocean, to right now as a Sup yoga teacher, I walk on the water and stay connected, like if I was a lotus flower.

Lou SUP Yoga Ambassador Singapore

Lyndalou Yang

ISYA Ambassador Singapore

A dedicated supyoga, yoga, and swim instructor who is passionate about helping individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being. Lou believes true wellness extends beyond the physical body and emphasizes the importance of cultivating inner peace and self-care. Her knowledge and passion for wellness extend to other holistic practices, including meditation, aromatherapy, and energy healing. She encourages her clients to embrace a well-rounded lifestyle that nurtures the body, mind, and soul.In addition to her expertise in yoga and supyoga, Lou is also a certified swim instructor. She offers personalized swimming lessons for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Lou's patient and encouraging approach ensures that her clients feel safe and confident in the water as they develop swimming skills, improve technique, and discover the joy and therapeutic benefits of swimming.