Member Resources

Code of Ethics

The ISYA Code of Ethics

         This information is available to all members

Code of Practice

The ISYA Code of Practice

This information is available to all members

Safety Standards

The ISYA Safety Standards  

   Paid members only 

ISYA Assessment guidelines

The ISYA Assessment criteria guidelines for SUP Yoga instructor trainers and training centers 

Paid members only

Trainer Code of Practice

 Code of Practice for trainers and training centers. 

Paid members only 

First Aid Equivalence

Find your First aid certificate equivalence

Paid members only

SUP Yoga Class Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for running your SUP Yoga Class 

Paid members only

SUP Yoga Sequence

Your ISYA SUP Yoga sequence 60min 

Paid members only

Acro SUP Yoga Sequence

Your ISYA Acro SUP Yoga  sequence 60min

Paid members only

Arm Balance SUP Yoga Sequence

Your ISYA Arm Balance/ Inversion SUP Yoga class  sequence 60min 

Paid members only

SUP Yoga Sequence Template

A blank SUP Yoga Class sequence template

Paid members only

ISYA Logo Pack

The ISYA logo Pack is available for use for your SUP Yoga business 

Paid members only

SUP Yoga instructor training Curriculums

Paid members only

Water Safety Equivalence

Find your water safety certificate equivalence

       Paid members only

Trainer Educational Standards

Minimum educational standards/ pre-requisites for SUP Yoga training programs

 Paid members only  

Covid SUP Yoga safety infographic

SUP Yoga Safety management infographic

        Available to all members

Covid SUP Yoga safety plan

SUP Yoga Safety management plan

        Available to all members

Online SUP Yoga training guidelines

ISYA guidelines for online trainings

        Paid members only

Online SUP Yoga training checklist

For full version- see Online SUP Yoga training guidelines

        Available to all members