ISYA Training Path

Master Trainer Program for SUP Yoga Instructors

What designation is right for me?

SUP Yoga Assistant

A SUP Yoga assistant assists/supports the SUP Yoga instructor during SUP Yoga activities such as handling equipment, setting up the class on the water, communicating with relevant people on behalf of the SUP Yoga instructor and gives general assistance throughout all SUP Yoga activities. The SUP Yoga assistant does not require a Yoga teacher certification, but does need a water rescue/safety certification as well as a valid first aid certificate. The SUP Yoga assistant role is great for those who want to be part of the general help during SUP Yoga activities, but who do not want to teach SUP Yoga.

Training Path Graphic

SUP Yoga Instructor

Level 1

The entry level 1 SUP Yoga instructor holds a Yoga teacher certificate and has done further education to become a SUP Yoga instructor. They can facilitate SUP Yoga classes in any water setting, work independently or with a SUP Yoga school or water sport center etc.
The level 1 instructor cannot facilitate SUP Yoga workshops or SUP Yoga trainings.

SUP Yoga Instructor

Level 2

Building on the SUP Yoga level 1, the level 2 instructor has additional SUP Yoga teaching experience, has additional qualifications and is able to facilitate SUP Yoga classes for specific groups such as Kids Yoga classes and workshops. The level 2 is in a position to accumulate sufficient hours to become a SUP Yoga instructor trainer.

SUP Yoga Instructor


Trainers are highly experienced and skilled in SUP Yoga practice, facilitating trainings, assessing levels of competence and able to provide SUP Yoga instructor certifications. SUP Yoga trainers can run SUP Yoga classes, workshops and instructor trainings being formally recognized for their level of experience.

SUP Yoga


Can be a water sport school of any specialty or a Yoga school. SUP Yoga Schools offer SUP Yoga classes and workshops, but do not facilitate SUP Yoga instructor trainings. SUP Yoga schools can have either SUP Yoga instructors level 1 and/or 2 and SUP Yoga assistants. As an ISYA registered SUP Yoga School, this indicates a high level of SUP Yoga safety, qualified staff and high standards of operation.

SUP Yoga

Training Center

Can be a SUP Yoga school, water sport center or Yoga School which offers a range of SUP Yoga activities and in addition offers SUP Yoga instructor trainings. ISYA SUP Yoga Training Centers are sought after for their high standards of SUP Yoga educational programs and instructor certifications. SUP Yoga Training Centers can operate with SUP Yoga assistants, level 1 and level 2 SUP Yoga instructors and in addition have SUP Yoga instructor trainers who facilitate the instructor training programs. These SUP Yoga Training Centers benchmark SUP Yoga instructor trainings through their high level of SUP Yoga safety, highly skilled and experienced Instructor trainers and standardization of SUP Yoga Education Standards/programs.