Key features/benefits of being registered with the ISYA

 SUP Yoga instructors and SUP Yoga Schools/Trainings Centers can gain accreditation with the ISYA, which is highly regarded and indicates the individual instructor or school provides safe, high quality SUP Yoga teachings. 

SUP Yoga Academy
Lady and dog at SUP Yoga Class

Why Register with the ISYA

  • Visibility on the public registry/directory as an accredited ISYA SUP Yoga instructor or School
  • International sign of highly skilled and accredited SUP yoga instructors/School
  • Be part of an official SUP Yoga community
  • The ISYA represents accredited SUP Yoga members, promoting and advocating for the credibility and professionalism of SUP yoga
  • Access to online continuing education guidelines and resources
  • Guidance to a professional training path in SUP yoga education
  • Discounted insurance/public liability
  • Access to extensive ISYA resources that can help you up skill and/or expand your business
  • SUP Yoga training program curriculums and assessment guidelines for trainers and training centres
  • SUP Yoga trainers and training centers can use the ISYA directory to promote their SUP Yoga instructor trainings internationally.
  • Access to news and updates about SUP Yoga activities, trainings and education
  • Access to ISYA SUP Yoga Safety Standards, Code of Practice and Code of Ethics
  •  Keep up to date with the members only ISYA newsletter

There is no substitutes for the ISYA, the ISYA is the only SUP Yoga regulatory association worldwide.