Leading the Way to Standardized SUP Yoga Certifications

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International SUP Yoga Academy

International SUP Yoga Academy

Leading SUP Yoga Standards worldwide

Leading the Way to Standardized SUP Yoga Certifications

The International SUP Yoga Academy has taken the helm at leading us towards a standardization of SUP Yoga certifications. Why is this important? All students will know their teacher is qualified in yoga & body movement as well as water safety and paddle technique.

Watch the video below to understand of the quality of instruction a true SUP Yogi will undergo to take you safely out onto the water for fun & practice.

International SUP Yoga Academy:  Framing the Future of SUP Yoga

5 Things to Know about SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings

SUP Yoga is both challenging and fun. It’s grounding and super invigorating. Plus, it brings a new level to your SUP experience!

As many of you already know, SUP Yoga is more than simply bringing yoga into the water. Practitioners battle both wind and water dynamics while working to maintain balance on an unstable surface.

The rising popularity of SUP Yoga has created an increased demand for SUP Yoga Instructors and specifically, Instructor Teacher Trainings. With that increase in demand, there have been numerous yoga schools to jump into the void. However, with that influx of trainings, people have found inconsistencies in the quality and requirements for SUP Yoga teacher training. The reason? No formal educational guidelines for this unique hybrid sport!

People with no Yoga teacher qualifications or little to no SUP skills or water safety knowledge can still deliver classes and offer SUP Yoga teacher trainings all over the world. Shocking right?

Now imagine the combination of two unpredictable elements such as wind and water, an unstable board surface and a group of unskilled people. That is a serious accident in the making if one doesn’t have correct training and knowledge in both disciplines!

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This article has been originally published for Stand Up Journal.  

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