The ISYA is open to receiving partnership requests that support the ISYA values and mission statement. All request applications are to be addressed to the ISYA committee for review and consideration at

Please clearly indicate the proposed partnership collaboration such as cross referencing, newsletter features, blogging, advertising on social media platforms, product or services reviews or features etc.

Each partnership proposal will be considered on an individual basis. Once the application has been received and reviewed, you will receive a direct response from the ISYA director and/or the Expert Panel Committee chair.

Benefits of partnering with the ISYA:

  • Reach a broad range of potential customers in the fields of Stand Up Paddleboarding, Yoga and water safety
  • Promote your product, brand, service internationally
  • Appear on ISYA Social Media platforms for increased exposure
  • Be regarded as a trusted and recommended product, brand, service by the ISYA
  • Feature on ISYA newsletters and targeted emails to ISYA members promoting your product
  • Advertise events, festivals or expos on the ISYA news and/or SUP Yoga community webpages
  • Contribute to the ISYA resources and be recognized as an esteemed contributor partner

Contact us to discuss partnership options and respective fees.